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 Relationship Counseling & Family Leadership Center 

Private, discreet therapeutic services in a cozy, home-like setting.  


Teresa M. Walters, MA, LMFT, LAC, BCPCC

Helping relationally wounded people, seeking connection, relational health, and wholeness, transform their pain and emotional distress into satisfying and harmonious relationships with themselves, others, and the God of their understanding.



Imagine a therapy practice that puts you and what matters to you first.

There’s a reason I put a lot of effort into creating a safe, secure, and inviting space for my clients. People who have been relationally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically impacted by life tend to appreciate an extra layer of security, care, and safety.  Spirits and souls and bodies tend to heal more fully when they feel accepted, protected and validated.

That’s why every aspect of my practice has been designed to provide a warm and inviting space where you can discuss the most sensitive relational situations and concerns without fear of rejection or judgment.

If you are ready to start your transformational journey to relational health, give me a call.  When you are ready, I’ll be here because at Chrysalis Connections, what matters most, is what matters to you!


Welcome to a new kind of therapy experience.   

If you’ve never been to therapy or if your previous therapy experiences have been less than helpful, it is understandable to feel a little tentative or have questions and concerns. That’s why our goal is to help you feel comfortable, safe and cared for by providing an inviting and supportive environment where you can explore all of your relational needs and develop the best solution for your unique situation.

At Chrysalis Connections you can rest assured that every effort has been made to make sure your visit will be handled in a discreet, confidential and professional manner… and because Chrysalis Connections is exclusively relational and designed to help individuals, couples and families alleviate stress, end strife, reduce conflict, develop skills, and restore relational peace and harmony… you will never have to worry about being labeled with a medical or mental health diagnosis.  At Chrysalis Connections you can expect a professional, non-pathologizing, spiritually sensitive and client-driven process where what matters most… is what matters to you!.

To set your appointment, simply call the office direct at 317-760-0604 or use our convenient ONLINE SCHEDULER  

Winter Advisory…During bad weather or illness, clients are welcome to change in-office visits to online virtual sessions.

Your Partner in Life

Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage & Couples

Busy schedules, work obligations, emotional disconnection and parenting issues are just a few of the reasons couples find themselves feeling frustrated and at odds. Let us help you and your partner find a place of connection and healing.

Individual Counseling


A healthy sense of self is the foundation upon which healthy relationships are built. Call today to see how a healthy relationship with your Self can enhance the quality of your relationships with others.

Marriage and Family Therapy


Families bring unique challenges to the therapeutic process. Substance use, conflict, financial pressures and emotional reactivity can all take a toll on the family unit. Find out today how we can help your family reconnect, heal and strengthen the familial bond.

Online Video Conferencing ~ Your Location, Your Device.

Organizational Mediation Services


Priority, Client-centered Services

What are the benefits?  

  • Clients receive the same day or next day appointment times.
  • Clients may self-schedule appointments using an online calendar.
  • Clients can communicate by email, text message, and voicemail, including evenings and weekends. 
  • Provider response is prompt. 
  • Appointment settings can be in the client’s location of choice, including traditional in-office sessions, house calls, telephone, and video conferencing appointments. 
  • Hours are extended to evenings and weekends to meet the needs of the client’s availability.  
  • Extended session times (full 60-minute sessions as opposed to traditional 45-50 minute sessions).
  • Double (2 hr.) session times are available. 
  • Sessions can be extended at the client’s request if extended time does not conflict with already scheduled appointments.  
  • All appointments begin on time so that the client is never left waiting.
  • Comfortable, private and home-like setting with food and beverage amenities.
  • Clients can be assured of a private and confidential therapy experience.  
  • The client determines the length of the therapeutic experience, not the insurance company.
  • No diagnostic codes, insurance regulations, mandates of third-party entities. 

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Real, Authentic, Harmonious Relationships. It’s what we do best!

Marriage and Family Therapy for minority family

Why Choose Us?

Building harmonious relationships is what we do best!

As systemic thinkers we understand the unique interdependent nature of relationships.  

We specialize in helping individuals, couples, families, small businesses and organizations resolve conflict and find unity, harmony and connection with themselves, others and the God of their understanding.  

Schedule your appointment online today!  

Chrysalis Connections, LLC

Relationship Counseling, Conciliation & Consultation 

Our Services…

Individual, Couple, Marriage and Family Therapy

Spiritual Direction & Christian Counseling  

Marital Conciliation & Systemic Consultation  



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“At Chrysalis Connections, LLC we are committed to helping you achieve the rich, full and harmonious life you always thought was possible.  

Set your new client appointment online or call the office direct to get started on your healing journey.  When you are ready. We will be here.”

~ Teresa M. Walters, CEO & Clinical Director

Chrysalis Connections is a relationship focused private practice located in Plainfield, Indiana, and Online that specializes in individual, couple, marital and family therapy, marital conciliation and systemic consultation.

Chrysalis Connections, LLC Logo

Our mission…

is to help individuals, couples, and families develop relational harmony with God, themselves and others in the communities and larger systems where they live, play, worship and work!

Our goal…

is to help you live a relationally, emotionally, behaviorally and spiritually abundant life.

If it’s relational, we can help!

” The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”  ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17