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Appointments can still be made online or by calling 317-760-0604.  

Day, evening and Saturday times are available.  Clients can choose between in-office, online, and phone sessions.

Dr. Walters

We have a new look, a new website,

and a new office location!

Early in 2019, I moved my private practice from downtown Indianapolis to a new location just west of Indy in Plainfield, IN. A little bit country. A little bit city.

This restructuring process resulted in a less clinical, more personal framework that is heavily geared towards personal growth, relational health, spirituality, holistic healing, wellness training, and education —all in a convenient, confidential, and cozy, home-like setting.

Clients will find many of the same services I provided in my downtown office. Rest assured, my love for all things relational will continue to be reflected in the services provided at the new location. A more holistic approach will include attention to matters of the soul (mind, emotions, imaginations, conscience) spirituality, and education. (watch for online courses coming soon).

Clients will continue to enjoy the non-pathologizing, relationally focused services with which they are familiar but with an even greater emphasis on relational, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health and wholeness.

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Enjoy traditional individual and marriage counseling plus a variety of services such as marital mediation, soul care, spiritual direction, and online educational courses.

Choosing someone to help you work through relational concerns can be an overwhelming process. Finding someone who understands the complexities of relational systems is a must. As a relationally-focused practitioner, my therapeutic experience and training are in marriage and family therapy.  This means I see individuals, couples, and family members seeking to improve the quality of their relationships, work through conflict, and find a deeper connection with others. In that sense, my practice is similar to many other practitioners.

What makes my practice different is a non-medicalized, non-pathologizing orientation based on family systems theory and a belief that relational, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual distress and pain are traumas to be healed, not medical issues or disorders to be treated. In a safe and supportive environment, clients are encouraged to better understand the role intergenerational patterns play in their relationships and how growth in the individual members is the key to the growth of the marital and/or family unit. Special attention is directed towards developing healthy emotions, thinking patterns, imaginations, and calming overactive consciences.

“Never underestimate the change one person can bring to the family system.  If you change one part of the system, you fundamentally change the entire system.” 

~ Dr. Teresa M. Walters, Ed.D., LMFT, LAC 

Teresa M. Walters, EdD, LMFT, LAC

Dr. Teresa M. Walters,


Welcome to a different kind of therapeutic experience!

If you have never been to therapy or if your previous therapy experiences have been less than helpful, it is understandable to feel a little tentative or have questions and concerns. That is why it is my goal to help you feel comfortable, safe and cared for by providing you with an inviting and supportive environment where you can explore all of your relational needs and develop the best solution for your unique situation.

At Chrysalis Connections you can rest assured that every effort has been made to make sure your visit will be handled in a discreet, confidential and professional manner…and because Chrysalis Connections is exclusively relational and designed to help individuals, couples and families alleviate stress, end strife, reduce conflict, develop skills, and restore relational peace and harmony, you will never have to worry about being labeled with a medical or mental health diagnosis.

At Chrysalis Connections you can expect a professional, non-pathologizing, spiritually sensitive, and client-driven process where what matters most…is what matters to you!


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Concierge Services

Established clients enjoy all of the following amenities.

  • Clients receive same-day or next-day appointment times.
  • Clients may self-schedule appointments using an online calendar that outlines available times and dates.
  • Appointment settings can be in the client’s location of choice, including traditional in-office appointments, phone, and video-conferencing, or virtual appointments.
  • Hours are extended to include evenings and weekends to meet the needs of the client’s availability.
  • Extended appointment times (full 60-minute appointments as opposed to traditional 45-50 minute sessions).
  • Option to extend appointment by 30 minutes (additional cost). Two hours appointment times are also available. 
  • Comfortable, private, home-like setting with beverage and snack amenities.
  • Clients can be assured of a private, discreet, and confidential therapy experience.
  • Day, evening and Saturday appointments.
  • The client determines the length of the therapeutic experiences, not the insurance company.
  • No diagnostic codes, insurance regulations, mandates by third-party entities.

Online teletherapy is an effective and safe medium for psychotherapy and coaching appointments.  Schedule your appointment.  CLICK HERE

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Clients are welcome and encouraged to switch in-office visits to either online teletherapy or phone appointments when illness, bad weather, or other conflicts interfere with regularly scheduled appointments.


Chrysalis Connections, LLC

Mission Statement: To help individuals, couples, and families develop relational harmony with God, themselves, and others in the communities and larger systems where they live, play, worship, and work!

Guiding Philosophy: Relational and emotional pain and distress’ are not illnesses to be treated or disorders from which to recovery but rather trauma responses to be validated, shared, and relationally healed in a safe and supportive environment.

“The old life is gone; a new life has begun!  ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

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