Dr. Teresa M. Walters

Natural Relational Health Practitioner, Marriage & Family Systems Coach, Educator & Consultant

Individual & Couples Therapy, Talk Therapy, Individual Mentoring, Marital Mediation, Marriage Preparation, Education & Consultation

Licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), licensed addiction counselor (LAC), certified domestic mediator, co-parenting coordinator, and pastoral minister, & distinguished Toastmaster.

Christ-centered, Spiritually Sensitive Care

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Relational talk therapy (psychotherapy) for couples and individuals, individual mentoring, marital mediation, marriage preparation, spiritual guidance, pastoral care and family leadership development.

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“Relational and spiritual health are absolute necessities when it comes to living a full, rich and satisfying life!”

Teresa M. Walters

Relational Talk Therapy 

Family systems-based talk therapy for individuals and couples who wish to explore the unresolved family of origin and trauma responses influencing their ability to build and maintain healthy, intimate relationships with self, others, and God.

Marital Mediation

Marital mediation combines the best of family systems coaching, education, natural talk therapy, and biblical principles to help individuals and couples resolve specific ongoing disputes, improve communication, analyze financial planning concerns, and develop a positive vision for their future.

Marital mediation can help couples develop the skill sets needed to confidently face conflict and find agreement.

Marriage Preparation

Choosing a life partner is one of the biggest decisions most people will make in their lifetime. Marriage preparation can help make sure that this journey of a lifetime is lasting, fulfilling, and the true partnership it was meant to be.

Dr. Teresa M. Walters


As a natural relational health practitioner and relational specialist, Dr. Walters supports a multidimensional approach to relational, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health and well-being.

Her practice is relationally based, trauma-informed, client-driven, Christ-centered, and biblically principled.

She believes that relational and emotional pain and distress’ are not illnesses to be treated or disorders from which to recovery but rather trauma responses to be validated, shared, and relationally healed in a safe and supportive environment.

Your Partner in Life

Frequently Asked Questions

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Whaat is the difference between psychotherapy (talk therapy) and marital mediation?

Generally speaking, psychotherapy is a good fit for individuals and couples experiencing a loss of relational connection with themselves, others, or God… or for whom unresolved family of origin issues and trauma are resulting in high levels of stress, emotional pain, and distress. Marital mendiation focuses more on helping couples identify and resolve patterns of unproductive communication and build skill sets that help them confidently resolve disputes.

Individual Talk Therapy

Our relationship with our Self is often one of the most neglected relational bonds. Having a healthy and positive regard for one’s self…is neither selfish nor self-centered.  It is a necessary element of good emotional and mental health.  Individual talk therapy is the perfect way to develop a more healthy and positive relationship with your Self.

Marriage Mediation

Couples experiencing serious disconnection, anger, resentment, and limited communication are often dealing with deeply embedded relational patterns that resist change.

Marital Mediation is designed to help identify these patterns and develop more productive methods of being with self and others.  It is a more in-depth process that often explores a couple’s intergenerational patterns, unresolved trauma, and other relational breaches.

Spiritual Direction & Development

Clients interested in exploring their spiritual beliefs are welcome to integrate this aspect of care into the services they are currently utilizing or as a stand-alone service. 

Premarital and ReMarriage Preparation

Marriage is one of the biggest and most impactful decisions most people will make in their lifetime. Premarital preparation can help couples explore important topics such as finances, faith, parenting, and/or family of origin issues. Couples can also identify ways to further develop their relational bond, identify potential areas of conflict, and strengthen their collective communication skills.

Areas of Special Interest & Expertise

  • Relational Health
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Marriage and Couples Therapy
  • Marital Mediation
  • Conflict & Dispute Resolution
  • Marital Reconciliation
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Premarital & Remarriage Preparation
  • Shared Parenting Advocacy
  • Spiritual Direction & Development
  • Family Leadership
  • Bowen Family Systems & Family Mapping
  • Non-traditional, non-pathologizing, trauma-informed mental wellness advocacy
  • Parental Alienation

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