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How to choose the best service for your unique need.

Choosing the best type of service doesn’t have to be confusing.

To make it even easier, we’ve provided a simple comparison chart to help you determine the best level of care for you, your couplehood, your family, your business, or your organization.

Simply choose the service level that seems the most relevant for you and your need and then schedule at a time that is most convenient.

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Counseling services are best utilized by clients experiencing some form of relational, emotional, behavioral or spiritual distress.

In counseling, the provider and client explore the past, seek healing in the present, develop new coping skills and ways of being that support healthy, connected relationships with their own sense of Self, Others and God

Counseling services focus on the deeper issues impacting your relationships, healing and well-being.


Consulting is a service best utilized by a client seeking expert advice about a particular problem or situation.

A client typically brings a problem to the consultant who then analyzes the problem and offers possible solutions. The client is ultimately responsible for deciding if the suggested plan is appropriate for their situation.

Consultation is focused on the PRESENT and the FUTURE.

Start your journey to relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual wholeness today!

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