Brought to Light

“For everything that is hidden or secret will eventually be brought to light and made plain to all.”

~ Luke 8:17

Take Time to Chew your Cud
Take Time to Chew your Cud

I am a farm girl.  I was raised in a farming community and deeply impacted by a farming mentality.  I was taught to work hard, love God, be a good neighbor and take time to sit under a shade tree once in a while.  I spent a good bit of my life planting a garden,...

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Dr. Teresa M. Walters


I’m Teresa (TMarie)

Brought to Light is a collection of articles, poems, essays, posts, and musings that reflect my desire to speak truth, be a diligent matter-searcher, and ambassador of Christ. Please feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.

It is my hope that my writing will stir your curiosity, provide validation, and push you to search for Truth…Total Truth…God’s Truth.

Happy reading and happy searching!


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