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Systemic supervision for postgraduate therapists
Clinical Supervision; Residency Program

Postgraduate Therapists

Congratulations!  You’ve completed your master’s program.  With diploma in hand you may find yourself asking, “What’s next?”

If you are like most postgraduate therapists, you are not exactly sure just where you want to complete your residency program.  You may be wondering what you next steps should be, Do you want to work in an agency setting, private practice?  What are the options?

At Chrysalis Connections we understand how overwhelming it can feel to finally have your degree and not be sure just how you are going to complete the next leg of your therapeutic journey…namely meeting the requirements for licensure in the state of Indiana.

Welcome to the…

Postgraduate Residency Program at Chrysalis Connections

The residency program at Chrysalis Connections Counseling and Family Relationship Center (CCCFRC) is offered to recent graduates holding a Masters or Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy who need to obtain clinical post-graduate hours and supervision to meet licensure requirements, as delineated by the Indiana professional licensing agency, for the LMFT designation.


Any applicant interested in securing a position for the residency program at CCCFRC should submit the following:

  • A Current Resume
  • An Official Transcript from a COAAMFT accredited counseling program
  • Two letters of Recommendation from Supervisors or Professors

Training Site

All aspects of the residency program, including clinical supervision, will be offered at the Chrysalis Connections Counseling and Family Relationship Center located at 429 E. Vermont St., Suites 208 & 306 in Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Programmatic Features

This is a two-year program with an option for continued professional affiliation with the center post licensure.

  • Supervision is provided on a weekly basis. Residents are responsible for case presentation, exploration of the use of self in the therapy and clinical process.
  • Residents case loads are build gradually.
  • Resident case loads will consist of individuals, couples and families.
  • Opportunities for additional training and professional development will be made available for residents.
Young therapist looking for clinical supervision

Program Benefits

  • 2 hours of supervision a week (group)
  • Fully furnished offices
  • Personal page on CCCFRC website
  • Online Scheduler
  • Stocked coffee bar for clients
  • WiFi, printer and other office amenities
  • Full or part-time

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