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Same-day or next-day

Day, Evenings and Saturdays

Amenities for Established Clients

Clients enjoy a variety of extended benefits designed to meet their unique needs. Extended appointment times that help you achieve your goals at a time, date, and location that works with your schedule.

Self-scheduling option

60-min. with optional 30-min. extension

2 Hr. appointments by request

In-person, online, phone

Private, home-like setting

What matters most is what matters to you!


Book Your Appointment Online or by Phone


Pick A Day, Evening or Saturday Time Slot


Cozy, Home-like Setting | Private * Comfortable


Secure Online Platform & Phone Connections

Flexible Appointment Times

At Chrysalis Connections, clients choose the length of their appointment. Sometimes you may just need a quick 30 min. check-in phone slot while other days a full 60-min., 90-min., or even 2 hr. in person or online appointment might be the best option.

Private & Confidential

Privacy is a primary focus at Chrysalis Connections. Clients never have to worry about meeting other clients coming or going. All in-person appointments are spaced at least 1 hr. apart to allow for discreet, personal interactions by individuals, couples, and families.

Easy Online Scheduling

New and existing clients can schedule appointments without needing to contact the office directly. However, if you have a special request, such as an extended two-hour appointment, need clarification or simply enjoy talking to a real person, feel free to call direct at 812-274-5333.

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Water, Snacks

Take advantage of the coffee bar that provides a wide selection of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, and snacks. Occasionally, you might also find some homemade cookies or muffins. All designed to make your appointment a little more pleasant and comfortable.  

Canine Companion Option

If you are a dog lover and would love to have a puppy in your lap during your appointment…just let me know. Max, Marley, and Manny are ever ready to help make your visit a little more comfortable and safe. All of the dogs are regularly assessed by their doctor and are compliant with all vet-recommended prevention and safeguards. 

Outdoors Deck Option

Clients who enjoy the outdoors are welcome to move their appointment to our beautiful deck area. Here clients can enjoy the fresh air and watch the variety of birds at the feeding stations during their session. The deck option is available as the weather permits (generally May through September). 

Therapy That Works for You Not the Insurance Company

Private pay means no diagnostic codes, insurance regulations, or mandates by third-party entities. You get the quality care you deserve for your unique needs at a time and location that fits your life. 

Convenient Payment Options

Clients can pay for their appointments through a variety of methods. Cash, Check, Debit, Credit Card, as well as Health Savings (HSA), and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), are all welcome. Clients can choose to pay one session at a time or prepay in multiples of 5 to 10 sessions. 

Bad Weather? Illness? Traffic?

Clients who experience unexpected difficulties such as bad weather conditions, sudden illness, or traffic troubles can quickly switch their appointment to either an online or phone appointment. All it takes is a quick text or phone call, and your appointment can be moved to an online or phone format. Easy, quick, changes that can help you maintain the rhythm of your therapeutic work.

Your Partner in Life

Dr. Teresa M. Walters

Natural Relational Health Practitioner and Soul Care Specialist

Relational Care that Works for You!

Individual Relational Mentoring

Spiritually Sensitive Care

Marital Mediation

Online Relationally Focused Courses

PreMarriage and ReMarriage Preparation

Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Parenting Resources

Relational Health Has Never Been Easier

By Phone


This has been the best decision I ever made! My husband and I are in a better place than we have ever been. Such a great listener and amazing ability to get through to people.

Couple Client

I would recommend Chrysalis Connections to anyone. Especially those who just need a tweak in their life. It’s not about blaming here, but understanding and moving forward. Don’t wait! Therapy shouldn’t be the last resort, but a first defense.

Couple Client

From the moment I walked through the doors of Chrysalis Connections, I could tell right away that I was accepted. My therapist is extremely patient, knowledgeable and insightful. I will be recommending Chrysalis to everyone who doesn’t know where to begin.

Individual Client

All the Comforts of Home

Manny Chrysalis Connections, LLC
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Chrysalis Connections, LLC
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Chrysalis Connections, LLC
Teresa M. Walters, Ed.D., LMFT, LAC, DTM

Work with me…

Dr. Teresa M. Walters, Ed.D., LMFT, LAC, DTM

+1 (812) 274-5333

618 E. 2nd Street Madison, IN 47250

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