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Marriage and Family Therapy

MFT’s (marriage and family therapists) know that individuals, no matter how unique, separate or clearly defined they may be, are connected to and influenced by the systems from which they come and to which they belong.

For instance, at any given moment you might be connected to your family of origin, the people with whom you work, the culture from which you sprang, the religion to which you ascribe or the community in which you live. In each of these systems you are one (very special) part of a larger whole.

If you really want to gain a complete understanding of the individual, you must also understand the system, or systems, to which they belong…past and present.

A troubled teen’s behavior makes perfect sense when juxtaposed against the backdrop of his family constellation.

A timid woman’s lack of trust and hypervigilance is less of a mystery in light of her traumatic experiences.

The frustrating, controlling mother-in-law seems less intrusive and overbearing once we have a clearer picture of the alcoholic home in which she was raised.

Behavior makes sense in context…and context is always a systems-based and relational proposition.

If it’s relational…We can help!

Choosing a marriage and family therapist insures a variety of therapeutic options…


Marriage and Family therapists are equipped to work with people from any number of relational configurations including: individual, couple, family, partnered, single and group orientations.

And while MFT’s do provide couple and marriage therapy, the scope of the marriage and family therapist encompasses everything from stress and depression to self-injury to anger management, and trauma recovery. The MFT’s client list generally include: teens, children, the elderly, young adults, middle-aged baby boomers, and older adults or second halfers.

In short, marriage and family therapist are clinically trained to handle just about any issue life can throw at you.

Chrysalis Connections Counseling

At Chrysalis Connections, LLC we understand how important it is for clients to feel accepted, heard, validated and supported.

In our centrally located, downtown office, we try to provide each client with a positive, accepting and safe therapeutic experience.

Our goal is to help you find the relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual wholeness you always thought was possible…

one relationship at a time.

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