Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Making the decision to seek therapeutic services as a couple is one of the most difficult decisions most couples will have to make during the course of their relationship. 

Admitting to yourself and another person that your couplehood is troubled, painful and simply not working is an exercise in self awareness and honesty that most people would rather avoid. 

Those who do make it in the door often come with the expectation that fixing their partner will alleviate most if not all of their collective issues.

Couples and Marriage Counseling

If only it were that easy.

The Real Issue

In reality, couples come to therapy as a unit that has lost its ability to simultaneously work as a team and as an individual.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to be a “WE” if you don’t have a “ME”


The Path to Relational Connectedness

A healthy sense of Self facilitates a healthy Couplehood.  A balanced, positive sense of Self is the foundation upon which we build a balanced and positive Couplehood.  


The Bigger Picture

People who have a balanced, positive regard for Self, have healthier, more connected relationships with their spouses and partners who in turn build more connected and balanced families, which leads to healthier, stronger communities, congregations, work places and social constructs.  (It’s a systems dream come true) 

How Do We Get Started? 

Couples and Marriage Counseling work can feel challenging.  

When you consider the pressure most couples experience from families of origin, past relational wounding, traumas, abandonment issues and societal expectations the road to relational harmony can seem daunting.  

No wonder you are feeling disconnected.  

The good news is that real relational wholeness is not only possible.  It is possible for you!  

Couples and Marriage Counseling
Where do I start?

First…decide who will be coming to therapy. Will you be coming to therapy alone or will your partner be joining you?  

As marriage and family therapists, we love when both partners make the decision to attend therapy.  It is always easier and more productive to have all members of the system actively engaged in the therapeutic process.  But take heart, if your partner is less then excited about the prospect of therapy, it is still possible to get the ball rolling as a “solo” act.  Never underestimate the ability of one partner to positively impact the relational system.  

How does it work?

Helping couple’s reconnect and find relational wholeness is often a multi-dimensional process that includes addressing both the needs of the individual and the couplehood.

Helping each partner discover, un-cover and work through their respective needs, hurts and expectations is foundational to developing a solid, stable and connected couplehood.

Will Couples and Marriage Counseling Work for Us?

What is our situation is complicated?

At Chrysalis Connections, we understand the complexities associated with couple and marital counseling.  That’s why we support a collaborative model of therapy that supports each client’s unique viewpoint about what a successful therapeutic outcome will look like.

We offer a variety of ways to help partners meet their unique needs and goals, including marriage intensives, group therapy and “Solo” couples counseling for those partners who find themselves attending couples counseling as an individual.

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