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Natural Relational Health Practitioner | Marital Mediator | Marriage and Family Systems Consultant and Educator | Differentiation Coach

An Integrative Approach to Healing & Growth – Spirit, Soul & Body

Dr. Teresa M. Walters
Dr. Teresa M. Walters, EdD., MAMFT, LMFT, LAC



I’m Dr. Walters, your partner, and guide to learning how to live a Happy, Healthy, and Whole life.

I teach people new ways of thinking and becoming happy, healthy, and whole in every area of their life. Spirit, Soul, and Body …the way it was meant to be.

I am also a wife, mother, grandmother, author, and innkeeper with years of lived experience, professional training, academic accomplishments, and a heart for helping others find peace and fulfillment in every aspect of their life.

Clients can choose between a variety of services and delivery options. In-person, Online, or Phone appointments are available throughout the day and evenings.

Life The Way It Was Meant To Be

Life wasn’t meant to be a hard, painful, or lonely experience. You were created for loving and intimate relational connection with yourself, others, and your Creator God.

Relational, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and wholeness are our more basic and natural way of being. And yet, for many people, life has become an exhausting experience of disconnection and emotional wounding.

Ready for Something New?

There is a way up and out, and it begins when we become ready to do whatever it takes to embrace a new way of being with ourselves, others, and our Creator God.

A new way of life is possible, and if you will let me help, It would be my pleasure to help you find the rest, safety, and connection you always thought possible.


Let’s work together

Marital Mediation Dr. Teresa Walters

Marital Mediation

Marital Mediation is a collaborative process for couples experiencing conflict BUT are committed to their marriage, wishing to stay together and avoid divorce. Marital Mediation offers couples a better solution to resolving their difference and finding peace than the typical divorce scenario. Marital Mediation is a better way to resolve marital conflict, avoid divorce, and keep your marriage intact. Let’s get started today!


Marriage & Family Systems Consultation and Education

Family systems are fascinating. They give us insights into the intergenerational patterns that influence the way we do relationships with ourselves, our marriage partners, extended family members, and our children. Together, we can discover new ways to connect, support, and build healthy, happy, and peaceful homes, marriages, and relational connections.


Differentiation Coaching

The process of relational health begins with our relationship with ourselves. In order to enjoy good relational bonds with others, we must first develop a strong, confident relationship with ourselves. Differentiation coaching is designed to help you more fully develop your sense of self, define your core belief systems, and better regulate your emotional well-being. Through self-awareness, expanded self-definition, and increased self-regulation, relational bonds become more secure, safe, and lasting. Let’s get started today!

Pre-Marital Preparation

The marital bond is one of the most significant relationships we will experience in life. Learning how to facilitate a more connected, safe, and supportive relational bond will ensure a lifetime partnership capable of thriving even under the most difficult circumstances. Whether you are marrying for the first time or contemplating a remarriage union, premarital preparation can help you develop the strong, safe, and connected partnership of your dreams.   


Spiritual Growth & Development

Often our relationship with the God of our understanding is blemished by either a poor relationship with ourselves or others. If you have been hurt, rejected, or abused by others, it can be difficult to envision a compassionate and loving relationship with God. Let’s partner together to explore areas of faith, answer the difficult questions you may have, and develop a loving and intimate relational connection with yourself, others, and God.

We Are What We Think Dr. Teresa M. Walters

Emotional Wellness Mastery Class

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your emotional responses? Do you find it difficult to keep strong emotions in check? Emotional wellness is a vital part of healthy and satisfying relationships. Let me help you learn effective ways to manage your emotional responses and gain a sense of emotional mastery. Robust emotional health, stability, and peace are possible. Let me show you how.


Together We Can…

Master You Emotional Responses

Emotional distress, flooding, and reactivity can keep you from experiencing your relational connections to their fullest. In the midst of a strong emotional response, finding and maintaining a calm and peaceful internal experience can feel impossible. Let me teach you how to be fully emotionally expressive and simultaneously in control of your emotional responses. 

Reduce Internal Conflict and Relational Distress

Conflict is a normal part of life. If you are going to do life deeply with another human being, you will experience times of conflict and disagreement. However, it is possible to feel confident in your ability to resolve conflict and find agreements, even in the most difficult situations. Let me teach you how to better manage conflict, and resolve the differences that keep you from growing your intimacy and connection with others. 

Demystify the Secrets to Satisfying Marriage & Family Relationships

Family dynamics are complex. At times, our relationships with family members, our spouses, and children can seem overwhelming. Learning about how family systems work and understanding how intergenerational patterns influence our ability to connect and enjoy more satisfying and fulfilling attachments in our families and marriages is an exciting and effective method for healing familial disconnections and wounding. And it is one of my most favorite things to do. Let me help you demystify the family system and become a relational systems aficionado!

Reduce Relational Conflict

Our focus on mental, emotional, relational, and even spiritual matters can often lead us to disregard the role our bodies play in our health and sense of well-being. Let me show you how to become more aware and connected to your body and learn the ways compassionate care of our bodies impacts our mind, emotions, relational connections, and overall health and wellness.

Dr. Teresa Walters Psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Systems Expert,
Dr. Teresa Walters Psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Systems Expert,

The service you want at the location you choose. 


Online appointments are an effective method for connecting with clients. is an encrypted, user-friendly platform that provides a safe, private, and discreet format for clients who prefer the convenience of an online experience.

New clients are welcome to schedule an evaluation or consultation through the scheduling portal. Information about this process can be found on the website or by calling the office directly at 812-274-5333.


Traditional face-to-face appointments are a more conventional approach to individual, couple, and family consultation and counseling. Clients who prefer this type of experience will be happy to know in-person appointments are available at the Madison, Indiana, office. This cozy, discreet, and secure option delivers the services you want in comfortable home-like seating.

Dr. Teresa Walters Psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Systems Expert,

By Phone

More and more clients are discovering the convenience and comfort of service delivery by phone. In today’s world, many people find themselves in front of a computer for several hours a day. Being visually engaged on a computer screen for extended periods of time can become taxing. With appointments by phone, much of that pressure is relieved, and clients are able to engage in services without the additional pressures of appearance and visual engagement.

If services by phone sound like a viable option, schedule a new client evaluation or consultation today!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Today is the best day to begin to learn how to increase relational connection, cultivate a more peaceful and calm internal world, and expand physical resiliency.

You were created to be healthy and whole in every area of your life. Let’s partner together to develop your unique relational, emotional, spiritual, and somatic health plan. 

Spirit, Soul, and Body –  Health and Wholeness From the Inside Out.

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