Mediation Services

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Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services

Conflict is a normal and predictable aspect of any familial system.  When two or more people deeply share life, it is reasonable and even foreseeable for them to occasionally have a difference of opinion.  Even the most loving of couples and families have times of relational, emotional and physical disconnection and conflict. We are Human.  It Happens.

Sometimes, however, disputes between couples and family members can become more than momentary periods of disconnection and emotional distancing.  Sometimes, the issues at hand can take on monumental proportions and threaten the integrity of the relationship.  At these times, the presence and assistance of a neutral third party can be invaluable in helping the parties resolve their differences.

At Chrysalis Connections we are skilled at helping couples and families resolve troubling disputes and put an end to the conflicts that threaten the integrity of the familial and marital system.  If your family or couplehood is struggling with parent/teen, sibling, eldercare, marital, divorce/separation, spiritual or parenting time disagreements, Call today to find our how we can help your family find a more harmonious way of sharing life.

Marital Mediation

Marital mediation is a type of conflict resolution in which we attempt to sort through the differences that have come between the couple and seek mutually acceptable resolution and agreement. Marital mediation is a process facilitated by a nonbiased, neutral party, designed to help conflicted couples identify and work through issues related to conflict and find agreement.

This process promotes stability, growth, and long-term emotional and spiritual benefits for the couple and their children.

It is a process defined to help both partners discover and utilize their ability to be seen, heard and validated in their relationship.  Marital mediation is a better way to resolve conflict and promote connection, mutual respect and safety…and Stay Married!

Work Place & Organizational Conflict Resolution

Organizational Mediation

Systemic Conflict is not just a family issue.  All systems experience conflict from time to time.  In organizations, just like families, people disagree and hold different viewpoints.  Work place disputes and organizational conflicts can quickly become contentious, heated and highly reactive. Especially if the stakes are high.

When conflict and emotive impasses begin to bog down and stifle the process of negotiation, the presence of a neutral and collaborative facilitator can often be the difference between a mutually satisfactory solution and a contentious and galvanized stalemate.

Helping people find their way through the often difficult process of negotiation and conflict resolution is one of our specialties. Let us show you how facilitative mediation can help you and your organization find a more equitable and mutually satisfying resolution.

At Chrysalis Connections…We Facilitate. You Decide.

Questions about our mediation services?

It’s natural to have some questions about the mediation process.  If you have never participated in a mediation session, you may be wondering how the process works, how much it will cost, whether agreements reached are legally binding or what to expect… should you decide to seek resolution through our services.

Don’t worry.  We understand that the mediation process can seem a little confusing for those unfamiliar with the process.  That’s why we have addressed some of the most common questions about conflict resolution in the section below.  We hope the answers you find here will help alleviate any concerns you may be having about participating in a mediation session.  If you find you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office at 317.760.0604.

We want the mediation process to be a positive, hopeful experience for every participant.  Your assistance and suggestions about how we can improve are always welcome.

What is Mediation?


Mediation sometimes known as conflict resolution, is a process in which a neutral third party, or mediator, attempts to facilitate a mutually agreeable resolution between conflicted parties (e.g., individuals, couples, families, organizations, community members).

Mediators are typically professionals with experience in a particular field of expertise who use their knowledge, skill and proficiency to help mediation participants sort out their area of dispute or conflict.

Mediators accomplish these goals by helping participants identify, explore, uncover and reflect upon the issues and/or barriers that are keeping them from finding common ground and resolution.

What are the benefits of mediation?


Top Ten Benefits of Mediation OR…What’s in it for me?  

  1. Timely and cost effective means of resolving conflict – You save time and money.
  2. Personal agency and empowerment for participants – You choose the outcome instead of someone else choosing for you. 
  3. Peace of mind – You worry less and rest more.   
  4. An opportunity to be heard and validated – You no longer feel invisible, disenfranchised or devalued.  
  5. Fair and equitable treatment – Your concerns are weighted equally and without bias.
  6. An opportunity to move on with your life – You don’t have to stay trapped in the past.
  7. Reduced stress and mental clarity – Less anxiety, increased ability to think clearly.   
  8. Increase emotional stability – Increased capacity for emotional balance.  
  9. A sense of control over your future and outcome – You maintain control over what happens and potential solutions.
  10. Impartiality and non-biaised support – You won’t be judged or forced to agree on anything.  
Are there different types of mediation?


There are as many types of mediation services as there are types of conflict.

At Chrysalis Connections we specialize in marital mediation, co-parenting consultation and workplace and organizational dispute resolution.

As relationship specialists, we are uniquely suited to help conflicted couples, frustrated families and deadlocked organizations resolve conflict and form agreements.

What types of issues can be resolved through mediation?

As a general rule, mediation is an appropriate option for any form of interpersonal dispute or conflict.

At Chrysalis Connections we specialize in interpersonal dispute resolution which can include, marital conflict, co-parenting issues, visitations impasses, extended family disputes, decision marking concerns, child-support disagreements, eldercare concerns including end of life decisions, work place conflict, community disputes and any number of potential areas of dispute.

I've never been to a mediation session. What can I expect?

At Chrysalis Connections, our mediation process is designed to be inclusive, client focused and collaborative. The needs of the client are always the primary focus of the session.

Client’s arriving for a mediation session will be warmly greeted, escorted to their appointment room and familiarized with the amenities of their space. Once they are settled, the mediator (or neutral third party) will apprise each participant of the specific phases of the conflict resolution process.

Each participant will be given an opportunity to fully share their concerns, the issues as they see them and any thoughts or ideas they have with regard to the solution or resolution they hope to achieve. Once all participants have had an opportunity to fully express their views, thoughts and feelings, the facilitator will help the participants begin to conceptualize, design and implement a mutually agreeable solution or resolution for the issues at hand.

The mediation process is typically a three step process that begins with an initial consultation session in which the participants meet with the mediator to share their concerns and hopes for the process. Once the participants have been cleared, the first of two conflict resolution conferences is scheduled.

Many times, participants are able to reach a resolution during this first conference. However, should additional information be needed or should the participants need additional time to manage the details of the impending resolution, participants may schedule a second and final conference.

Our primary goal is to help participants leave the first conflict resolution conference with a mutually agreeable resolution in hand.

How do I schedule a mediation appointment?

To schedule a mediation appointment call the main office at 317.760.0604 or SCHEDULE ONLINE. 

How long is a mediation session?

The length of the session will vary with regard to the type of mediation service.  A typical time frame is 1 to 2 hours.  Most mediation clients are able to reach an agreement within two to three sessions but each conflict resolution process is unique to the particular issues being addressed.  Should the parties be unable to reach an agreement or find they need additional time for outside consultation or information gathering, additional sessions can be scheduled at the parties’ discretion.

How do I pay for a mediation session?

The cost of a marital mediation sessions are typically paid by the couple.  Other mediation services are generally divided between the mediating parties.  Initial consultations and screening appointments are paid by the individual parties.

Payment may be made by Cash, Check, Debit or Credit Card.

What happens if an agreement is reached?

Any agreements facilitated during the conflict resolution process will be documented, signed and provided to the parties at the concussion of the session.

Why should I choose Chrysalis Connections?

Relationships are our specialty.  We understand and work with individuals, couples, families, organizations and community members on a daily basis.  We understand the systemic dynamics involved in familial and organizational disputes and are skilled at helping people explore, consider and develop practical and mutually acceptable solutions to their relational conflicts.

We respect the individual agency of each of our conflict resolution clients and support the individual and collective agency of their process.  At Chrysalis Connections…

We Facilitate.  You Decide.

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Our mediation rooms are designed to provide you with a safe, comfortable and facilitative experience.

Amenities include an inviting reception area and refreshment bar stocked with a variety of snacks, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate selections, water cooler, ambient music, soft lighting, pillows, wireless internet service, microwave, and catered food service.

Everything you need to find a workable, satisfying and validating solution to the situations and circumstances standing between you and peace of mind.

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