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Why Choose Chrysalis Connections Counseling and Family Relationship Center to meet your mediation needs?

Chrysalis Connections Counseling and Family Relationship Center specializes in relational harmony and family mediation.

As specialists in systemic and familial relationships, we are exceptionally positioned to offer a unique perspective to conflict resolution.

Because our background, experience and training is exclusively focused on interpersonal relationships, we understand the interdependent nature of conflict and are skilled at helping individuals, couples, families and organizations navigate the complexities of resolving familial and systemic disputes.

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We facilitate.  You decide.

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Family Mediation

Family Mediation

There is a reason family systems feel intense. When people care deeply about one another, and are deeply invested in doing life together, they have strong emotional ties. In the midst of conflict, the people we love most can become the people with whom we become the most disappointed and annoyed.

At Chrysalis Connections, we understand families and the troubling issues that often lead to or result in family disconnection and emotional upheaval. When family conflict strikes, mediation offers a less volatile and more conducive path to relational restoration and agreement.  If you and your spouse, partner, parents, children or grandparents are struggling, let us help you find the path to resolution.

Conflict Coaching

What happens when you want to find a resolution to the conflict…but they don’t? It is possible to positively impact a dispute if the other party refuses to take part in a mediation process or even sit down and discuss your differences?

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one method of conflict resolution that helps guide one party negotiations. While it is usually helpful and productive to have both or all parties involved in the dispute fully engaged in the process, there is hope for those who find themselves alone in the search for resolution and agreement.

Find our today how working with a conflict coach can help you bring a sense of direction and resolution to situations that feel may be feeling less than hopeful.

Conflict Coaching






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Family Mediation

At Chrysalis Connections there is no agenda.

There is no pressure to reach an agreement.

Our goal is to offer you a safe, friendly and non-adversarial environment in which to talk out, discuss, explain and consider possible solutions, options and choices.

The only agreements, conclusions or resolutions made… are the ones you choose.