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Family Systems Coaching

Specialized Relational Coaching

Healing Relational and Emotional Distress

Family systems coaching is not just another form of psychotherapy.  It is a self-reflective process geared to facilitate individual growth as the primary source of substantive, system-wide change. It is an inside out method for resolving and healing relational and emotional distress.

Sustainable Change

Family systems coaching helps clients uncover the underlying issues that must be resolved in order to assure long-term sustainable change and growth. It is a deliberate, focused, and individualized process that offers real results on both an individual and system-wide level. 

Strength-Based Growth

Family systems coaching is unique in its focus on strength rather than weakness and the power of self-regulation to keep reactivity in check. As a healing modality, family systems coaching seeks to reduce those forces that inhibit growth and stimulate and encourage the emergence of one’s healthy self.  

Learn How Individual Health Promotes Family Health

A key aspect of emotional and mental health is the ability to manage conflict.  Because conflict is a normal part of human interaction, the ability to effectively manage and resolve conflict becomes an important if not essential aspect of developing and maintaining relational connection and harmony.  When individual members of the family system are able to manage their reactive tendencies, the opportunities for healthy exchange are greatly increased.

In short, self-regulation and self-management in the individual members of the family support a more harmonious and interconnected marriage and family unit.  Building a healthy ME…supports the development of a healthy WE.

Family systems coaching enables all members of the family unit to develop their capacity for healthy interaction by reducing each member’s tendencies for emotional reactivity, blaming, and fault finding and increasing their ability to balance their togetherness and individuality needs, separating their thinking and feeling and differentiate between themselves and others.

Having Trouble Finding Relational Balance?

You’re Not Alone. Let me show you how I can help!

Human relationships can seem complex.  Sometimes, the very people we love become the people that frustrate us the most.  The human need to feel close and yet separate can wreak havoc on our most intimate relationships.

Learning how to balance our need for togetherness with our need for autonomy is an important aspect of developing and maintaining, loving, intimate, and safe relationships. Family systems coaching can help you learn how to be more self-aware, self-defined, and self-regulated while maintaining a close and intimate relationship with the people you love.  This both/and mindset helps you avoid the guilt and frustration that often accompanies our typical black and white thinking that tells us we have to choose between a healthy sense of self and intimate relational connection.

Family systems coaching shows you that you don’t have to choose between relational connection and self-preservation.  You can have both when you learn how to develop and maintain healthy boundaries and positive regard to self and others.

Schedule your first appointment today and find out how family systems coaching can help you develop the healthy, harmonious relational connections you always thought were possible! 

About Teresa M. Walters

Your Professional Family Systems Coach

As a Bowenian Psychotherapist and Family Systems Coach, I am skilled at helping individuals, couples and families resolve anxious conflict and increase their ability to be at peace with themselves, others and God.  

Because relational and emotional harmony and well-being are the foundational building blocks of a satisfying relational life, my private practice is designed to help you maximize your strengths and minimize the conflicts that keep you from enjoying life at it’s fullest.  Family systems coaching is a practical and clearly defined path to relational and emotional healing, wholeness, and well-being.

Dr. Teresa M. Walters 2022

Dr. Teresa M. Walters,


My Approach

Family systems coaching offers clients a way to re-imagine family health and relational well-being.  This non-medicalized, non-pathologizing and spiritually sensitive process is a strength-based orientation to personal growth designed to enhance both the relational connection of the individual and the collective family unit.

In a safe, and supportive environment clients are encouraged to maximize their strengths and minimize those factors that inhibit their growth.

My Process

Family systems coaching differs from traditional therapeutic approaches that emphasis short and often intense interventive measures.

Family systems coaching is designed to facilitate true systemic change that is sustainable. It is designed to get underneath the behavioral problems and shine a light on the underlying intergenerational patterns and beliefs that drive and maintain troublesome family dynamics.

Unique Framework

The unique framework of family systems coaching begins with a full systemic assessment which is then followed by regular individual or multi-client visits.

During these visits, clients are encouraged to explore the unique multigenerational patterns of their extended family system, explore their deeply held beliefs, and consider the perceptions that frame their relational mindsets.

Teresa Walters is someone that is in it with you and for you from start to finish.  You can trust her wholeheartedly and I know that I can come to each session feeling safe and accepted.  It is a no-judgment zone which makes opening up to someone all that much easier and fulfilling.  I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to consider this experience.” 

Individual Client

“My husband and I have been lucky enough to work with Teresa for 4 years now and our relationships would not be as strong or as resilient without the hard work we have done with her.  Every visit is worth the investment.  Her office and her character are inviting and professional.”  

Couple Client

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The Core Concepts of Family Systems Coaching

Family systems coaching utilizes a number of interlocking concepts that provide a unique framework for understanding how the familial system works.  Learn more about these concepts by clicking on the links below.

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Intergenerational Patterns

Emotional Reactivity

Emotional Cutoff

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