Family Therapy

Family ties can either bind or liberate

Everyone has a family

Even if that family is less than what we might have hoped for…and even if there are family members we hardly know or have never met.  

At its best, the family system can be the center of emotional stability, connectedness, and relational satisfaction.  At its worst, the family system can be a center for emotional pain and mental anguish.  Love them or hate them our families play a huge role in who we are and how we interact with others.

Family therapy is designed to help each member of the familial unit become their individual and collective best.  


Family therapy services can address a number of familial issues including…

Blended Parenting

Yours, mine and ours.  Blended families can feel like a challenge.  Defining new parenting roles, working through past hurts and establishing a new family rhythm can seem overwhelming.  Find out how family therapy can help blended families find their unique tempo by scheduling your family appointment today. 


Parenting is a hard job that becomes even more difficult when parents feel as though they are playing on different teams.  Call today to see how family therapy can help you develop a parenting plan designed to lower the anxiety in the home and build unity in the couplehood. 

Parental Alienation

Not all divorce and custody agreements are created equal.  What do you do when you become the target of the unsubstantiated and purposely derogatory efforts of your ex-spouse to alienate you from your child?  Learn how to maintain connected to your child and deal with a difficult ex-spouse by setting a family therapy appointment today. 

Toxic Relationships

All relationships have their moments.  Times when we feel disconnected or at odds with one another.  But when hurt becomes harm, it is time to reconsider the health of the relationship and evaluate the wisdom of remaining in harm’s way.  Making the decision to leave a toxic relationship can be one of the hardest relational choices you make.  Family therapy can help you objectively evaluate the health of your relationship. 

Co-Dependency and Boundary Issues

Human beings seem to have a natural tendency for focusing on the behaviors or others.  Often we find ourselves believing that if we could just get other people to behave the way we want them to, our lives would be less stressful and more peaceful.  Learning to focus on our own behaviors as the pathway to better relational connections is not always easy but learning to identify where we begin and end is the beginning of healthier relational interactions with others.    

Primary Couple Attachment

The secret to a strong family is a strong couplehood.  Build the couple to build the family.  Maintaining a strong and vital couplehood in the midst of family phase can be quite a challenge.  Especially when careers, children, extended family members, and outside obligations are all vying for your time and attention.  Family therapy can help you learn how to find balance and stability in the midst of the family phase of life. 

PreMarital and ReMarriage Preparation

Preparing for marriage takes more than making sure the caterer shows up and the ring bearer doesn’t lose the ring.  Marriage is the journey of a lifetime and taking the time to properly prepare is one of the most valuable investments you will ever make.  Start your marriage off right by focusing on the elements that make a good couplehood even better.  

Disconnection, Conflict and Discord

The family dynamic just seems to lend itself to times of disconnection and discord.  Differences of opinion, emotional missteps, expectations, and disappointments can often lead to emotional and physical cutoffs.  Family therapy can help you learn to work through your difficulties while remaining connected and supportive of one another.  

Seniors Reinvented

Living life as a senior comes with a unique set of concerns and considerations.  Questions about developing a new vocation, maintaining one’s health and independence can be overwhelming.  Family therapy can help you reimagine life and frame your life as a senior in ways that support a happy and healthy lifestyle.  

How Family Therapy Works…

Family constellations are typically comprised of three primary units.  The couplehood, the individual partners and the children.  

Families are generally happy, healthy and harmonious to the extent to which they are symptom-free in all three of these primary areas.  Family therapy is designed to help each family identify and address their unique concerns in each of these areas.


The Couplehood

Common areas of concern include: couple conflict, emotional distancing, infidelity, separation and/or divorce


The Health of the Individual Partners

Common areas of concern include physical, mental, behavioral and/or spiritual disconnection and distress. 


The Children

Common areas of concern include parental conflict, separation or divorce, bullying, systemic anxiety, peer pressure

Building Strong Families

One relationship at a time

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