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You can’t be a WE if you don’t have a ME

Individual Counseling as a Relational Issue

People considering individual counseling do not always seek out the services of a marriage and family therapist. After all…don’t marriage and family therapists work with married couples and families?

Well of course we do!

But we also work with individuals.  Individuals who are parents, individuals who are children, individuals who are young adults, individuals who are middle-aged baby boomers, and individuals who are older adults.

What distinguishes Marriage and Family Therapists from other therapeutic approaches is our relational or systemic perspective. When working with individuals we do so aware and cognizant of the important role relationship plays in their life.

The operative here being the concept of relationship.

Individual Counseling at Chrysalis Connections, LLC
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Individual Counseling is Never a Solitary Affair

Individual counseling can, at first blush, appear to be an solidary affair.  After all, when there is only one identified client physically taking up space in the office there is a tendency to assume that the scope of influence is limited to that singular person.  A systems perspective, however, recognizes that individual people are always a representation of the system or systems in which they interact.

Systems are Interdependent

A systems perspective also understands that a shift in the thinking or behavior of the individual will automatically cause a shift in the system and vise versa.  For instance…a troubled teen may be representative of a distressed familial system. So it follows that if we locate the underlying source of the familial distress, which is rarely located in the identified patient, the distress of the teen will generally dissipate.

Addiction and Individuals

Active addictive behaviors are often supported by well intentioned family members and/or friends who find it difficult to allow individual family members to own their individual choices, behaviors and outcomes.  As a system becomes better able to balance their togetherness and autonomy needs, addictive behaviors become more difficult to maintain.  

The Whole is Greater…

…than the sum of it’s parts. Because Marriage and Family Therapists view their clients through the lens of relationship and interconnectedness, we understand that what affects the whole affects the individual and what affects the individual affects the whole.

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Balancing Individuality and Togetherness

At Chrysalis Connections, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of individuality and connectedness.

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