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A better option

Martial mediation is a collaborative process for couples who are experiencing conflict BUT are committed to their marriage and wish to stay together and avoid divorce. Marital mediation offers couples a better solution to resolving their differences and finding peace than the typical divorce scenario.


Marital Mediation: A better way to resolve marital conflict, avoid divorce, and keep your marriage intact.

As a relationship specialist and licensed marriage and family therapist, I work with individuals and couples every day seeking a resolution to their relational distresses. I understand the complexities of couple relationships and know the importance of helping partners feel seen, heard, and validated.

As a certified domestic mediator, I am uniquely positioned to help you compassionately, assertively, and realistically evaluate your couplehood, set an agenda, consider options, build skills, improve communication, spark intimacy and find a resolution to the issues that matter most to you.

Dr. Teresa M. Walters

Ed.D., LMFT, LAC, DTM, Chrysalis Connections, LLC

Marriage Mediation: A better way!

You’ve invested a lot into your marriage.

This doesn’t have to be the end.

Save your marriage. Save your home.

Popular culture would have us believe that marital conflict, disconnection, and loss of intimacy can be resolved through divorce.

However, with first marriage divorce rates hoving between 40 and 50 percent and second marriage divorce rates pushing upwards of 65 percent, and third marriage divorce rates approaching 75 percent, it would seem that the process of divorce does little to resolve conflict.

In actuality, the process of divorce merely moves unresolved conflict to a new relationship. Divorce does little to truly resolve the underlying problems which led to the conflict, disconnection, and loss of intimacy in the first place. 

There has to be a better way.

The paradox of marital conflict is that conflict is a natural and normal part of any relationship. People are simply geared to differences of opinion. In a similar manner, disconnection and seasons of diminished intimacy are generally indicators of some type of structural, environmental, or internal dissidence that may or may not be directly linked to the actual relationship itself.

When couples experience these types of distress, they often avoid taking direct action either because they are not sure how to address the problem or because they feel less than confident in their ability to identify and work through issues related to conflict, disconnection, and emotional distancing.

Here’s the good can skip the divorce and save your marriage!

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My Top Priority

Helping couples resolve conflict, heal hurts, find agreement, parent well, and save their marriage. 

What is Marital Mediation and who is it for?

Marital mediation is a collaborative process for couples who are experiencing conflict, and a loss of intimacy, BUT are committed to their marriage and wish to stay together and avoid divorce.

Marital mediation offers couples a better solution to resolving their differences and finding peace than the typical divorce scenario. In marital mediation, couples jointly develop a plan for addressing their marital issues and learn new ways of being a more cohesive, intimate and connected team.

How does marital mediation work?

Marital mediation works best with couples who are committed to their marriage relationship and who are willing to be actively engaged in developing, implementing, and maintaining a more interconnected and mutually satisfying couplehood. 

Couples who participate in marital mediation work with a trained therapist who uses a variety of strategies to help the couple create options, build skills, improve communication, and spark intimacy. It is a practical and superior process for helping couples resolve conflict, deepen intimacy, and build safety. 

How do we know if marital mediation is right for us?

Marital mediation is a viable option for any couple committed to their marriage, their children, who want to avoid the financial impact of divorce, and who want to skip the emotional and mental distress of breaking the bond between themselves and their partner.

Marital mediation can help couples manage job losses, survive bankruptcy, care for an elderly parent, manage financial problems, and create a vision for the future.

Marital mediation helps you separate the problem from the relationship, explore possible options, develop a plan, resolve the conflict, build communication, and spark intimacy.

What are the benefits of marital mediation?

  • Partners feel more confident about their ability to work through problems.
  • Partners have an opportunity to tell their story in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Partners learn to improve their communication skills.
  • Partners feel seen and heard in the relationship.
  • Partners develop a team mentality.
  • Partners feel empowered as they set their own agenda and reach agreements.
  • Marital mediation is cost-effective.
  • Marital mediation is generally short-term and can be utilized at the couple’s discretion.
  • Marital mediation can act as a spring-board to individual or deeper couple work should the couple feel this would be beneficial.

How Divorce Impacts your life?


  • Divorce is expensive.
  • Divorce is emotionally and mentally draining.
  • Divorce seldom solves or reduces conflict.
  • Divorce opens the door to complex blended and remarriage problems.
  • Divorce recovery is often an incomplete and protracted process.
  • Divorcing couples tend to take their unresolved problems into their next relationship.
  • Childre must grapple with the division of their home, a loss of stability, and increased anxiety.
  • Divorce seldom delivers on the promise of personal freedom, decreased stress, or improved mental wellness.
Marital Mediation

I can help YOU build skills, resolve conflict, and stay married. Let’s get started today designing your unique marital mediation plan. 

- Dr. Teresa M. Walters

Founder & Director , Chrysalis Connections, LLC


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