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Restoring the Intact Family Unit as the Preferred Familial Structure.

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Advancing a biblical worldview of marriage and family.

Vision: Promote a cultural awakening in support of pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-parent positions that advance a biblical worldview of marriage, family, and parental relationships.

Mission: Support and advance the development of strong, intact family units, parent leaders, and sacred marital relationships from a biblical worldview.

Marriage and Family

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“The American Family is the bedrock of American Life.”



A strong family unit is the foundation upon which healthy communities are built. The biblical family unit provides stability and safety not only for the immediate family members but for everyone with whom they come in contact. Learn more by calling for a consultation today!

Teresa M Walters, MA, LMFT, LAC


Understanding the biblical vision of marriage is a key element in growing a healthy family and home. Learn more about how to restructure your family unit, strengthen your marital bond, and further develop your parenting skill sets. 

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The best and most effective leaders are those raised by strong parental leaders; parents who understand the importance of instilling, biblical values, virtues, and life principles during a child’s formative years.

How it Works

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The desire to build a stronger, connected and safe family structure is the foundation of marriage and family advocacy. Call for a confidential consultation today. 


Vison & Goal Setting

Strong, healthy homes consist of strong, healthy individuals, parents, couples, and children. Let me help you set the vision and goals to grow the family bonds you always thought were possible.


Personal & Family Assessment

Marriage and family advocacy starts at home. Learn more about how to build a biblical family home by identifying the strengths and growth areas of your familial system.


Marriage & Family Formation

Growing a healthy family takes time, vision, commitment, and direction. Together we can develop the family blueprint that will help you reach your goals. 

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Family Matters

Over the past several decades, the intact family unit has become somewhat of an anomaly. However, its value has never been more important. The need to advocate for biblical marriage, the family unit, and principled parenting is urgent.

Chrysalis Connections has established the The Natural Relational Health Center to address this need. This multidimensional educational program for growing healthy family systems, biblical marriage, and strong parental leaders features a number of pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-parenting resources through an online platform.      *COMING SOON


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