Marriage Mentoring

A better way to resolve marital conflict, avoid divorce and keep your marriage intact.

Popular culture would have us believe that marital conflict, disconnection and loss of intimacy can be resolved through divorce.

However, with first marriage divorce rates hovering between 40 and 50% and second marriage divorce rates pushing upwards of 65% and third marriage divorce rates approaching 75%, it would seem that the process of divorce does little to resolve conflict. In actuality the process of divorce merely moves unresolved conflict to a new relationship.

Divorce does little to truly resolve the underlying problems which led to the conflict, disconnection, and loss of intimacy in the first place.

There has to be a better way.

The paradox of marital conflict is that conflict is a natural and normal part of any relationship. People are simply geared to differences of opinions.  In a similar manner, disconnection and seasons of diminished intimacy are generally indicators of some type of structural, environmental or internal dissidence that many or may not be directly linked to the actual relationship itself.

When couples experience these types of distress, they often avoid taking direct action either because they are not sure how to address the problem or because they feel less than confident in their ability to identify and work through issues related to conflict, disconnection etc.  If only marriage came with an instruction booklet that clearly outlined the necessary steps for maintaining intimacy, connection and relational harmony.

Marriage Mentoring: A Better Way!

Here is the good new.  Conflict, disconnection and loss of intimacy are not signs that the relationship is bad or flawed or irrespirable. IN FACT, it is perfectly normal for couples to experience both times of great connections and joy as well as times of disconnection and discontentment.

Leaving the relationship seldom, if ever, actually addresses the underlying dynamics that lead to uncomfortable feelings and disconnection.  The best way to deal with these issues is to identify and jointly work through the problems as a team.


It is often helpful for a conflicted or disconnected couple to secure the help of an impartial third party to help them fully consider and work through the problems that lead up to and contributed to the conflict.

At Chrysalis Connections, our goal is to help couples resolve conflict, build connection and spark intimacy through the process of marriage mentoring as opposed to avoiding or “moving” the conflict through the process of divorce.

Thus marriage mentoring is a process facilitated by a nonbiased, neutral party, designed to help couples identify and work through issues related to conflict, disconnection and loss of intimacy while simultaneously helping the couple build skills, improve communication and stay married.  This process promotes stability, growth, and long-term emotional and spiritual benefits for the couple and their children.

There is a better way!  

We can help YOU build skills, resolve conflict and stay married.  

Private, personal, and designed to meet your unique relational needs.  

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