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618 East Second Street, Madison, IN 47250


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Life happens in relationships and functions best when people enjoy safe, connected, reciprocal and interdependent relationships with themselves, with others and with God.

From this point of reference, relational, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health and wholeness are all by-products of rightly aligned and properly supported connections. In other words, connected people are generally happier and more confident, optimistic and hopeful.

When relational bonds are strained or broken the resulting pain can be unbearable. Divorce, conflict, infidelity, death, illness, trauma, and unforeseeable stressors can all be sources of deep relational pain.

Whether you are struggling through marital conflict, attempting to rebuild broken trust, want to feel more comfortable in your own skin or seeking a deeper connection with God, I am here to partner with you.

Relational health is not only possible…it is possible for you!

The Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast Madison, IN 47250

Client Entrance




618 East Second Street, Madison, IN 47250

The office is located in Historic Madison in The Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast. 

Parking is available in the front and rear of the building. 

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