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Paul and Teresa Walters

How it all began.  

Chrysalis Connections, LLC began as little more than a dream and a butterfly logo.  The dream was to come alongside others, in the midst of their relational distress and conflict, and walk with them as they develop a more rich, fulfilling and complete relationship with themselves, with others and with the God of their understanding.

The butterfly logo was designed to be a symbol of this new birth process that emphasizes the foundational, internal, paradigm shifting work of transformationally changing from the inside out.

From that dream and symbolic logo, Chrysalis Connections has grown into a vibrant, life affirming counseling, mediation and coaching practice whose primary mission is to help individuals, couples, and families develop relational harmony with God, themselves and others in the communities and larger systems where they live, play, worship and work!

Teresa M. Walters, MA, LMFT, LAC, BCPCC

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor and Mediator, Doctoral Student

Chrysalis Connections was founded upon the premise that life happens in relationship and functions best when people enjoy safe, connected, reciprocal and interdependent relationships with themselves, with others and with God. From this point of reference relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual health and wholeness are all byproducts of rightly aligned and properly supported intra and interdependent connections. In other words, connected people are generally happier, more confident, optimistic and hopeful.

When relational bonds are strained or broken, the resulting pain can seem unbearable. Divorce, conflict, infidelity, death, illness, trauma and unforeseeable stressors and losses can all be sources of deep, relational, emotional and spiritual pain. Finding our way back to a place of wholeness and mental well-being may seem like an impossible task…unless you have the support and guidance of people who can guide you along the path of recovery and renewed life.

Your Partner in Life

At Chrysalis Connections, we understand the pain relational disconnection can bring. We also understand the need to have a supportive and knowledgeable partner with the requisite training and life experience to confidently walk beside you in your quest for connection, healing and wholeness. Having walked through and healed from any number of these life events ourselves, we can confidently take our place beside you and assure you that happiness, relational and emotional health and happiness are real, obtainable and reasonable goals.

So whether you are struggling through a marital or organizational conflict, attempting to rebuilt broken trust, seeking a deeper connection with God, or simply would like to feel more comfortable in your own skin, we are here to partner with you. Together we can help you find the security, sanity, peace and contentment you always thought should be possible. Relational health is not only possible…it is possible for you!

Paul A. Walters, BCPCM

Board Certified Professional Christian Mediator & Consultant

Our areas of expertise and experience include:

  • Individual, couple, marriage and family counseling
  • Co-parenting, leadership and systemic consultation
  • Premarital and remarriage preparation
  • Spiritual direction and Christian counseling
  • Systemic clinical supervision and professional development

If it’s relational…We can help!


“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you…”

John 13:34-35

To schedule an appointment with either Teresa or Paul…visit our Online Scheduler to view available times and locations or call our office direct at 317-760-0604.

Daytime, evening, Saturday appointment times and concierge services are available.

Our Philosophy… 

Collaborative Therapy


We believe all forms of relational growth are joint ventures. Our goal is to help you identify the goals you would like to achieve and then come alongside to walk that path with you. The only changes required…are those you choice to make.

Systemic Therapy


As systemic thinkers we know there are a host of interdependent dynamics that make up your unique way of being. We take special care to acknowledge and be mindful of your complex systemic needs.

Spiritually Sensitive

We support a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual process, which allows each client to freely explore their relationship with the God of their understanding, themselves and others.



Life brings a good measure of conflict and pain, often these experiences lead to distress and troubling symptoms. Helping people heal from the inside out…means we have less need to label and more ability to validate, empower and support.

Our core values…

Core values of our team Integrity Symbol


“He who walks with integrity and moral character, walks securely.”  ~ Proverbs 10:9 

Core Values of Our Team Kindness symbol


“Be kind and compassionate to one another.” ~ Proverbs 3:3

Core Values for Our Team Humility Symbol


“Always be humble and gentle.” ~ Ephesians 4:2

Core Values for Our Team Moral Excellence

Moral Excellence

“Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence…” ~ 2 Peter 1:5

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