ReMarriage Counseling

How exciting it is to find that special someone with whom to build a future!.

To love and be loved is the most basic of all human needs.  So why does getting ReMarried often turn out to be so hard?  Because, quite simply, remarriage and blended families are complex.

While remarried couples face many of the same issues first married couples do, they also have to contend with a number of complexities that first marriage couples typically do not encounter.

Problems related to co-parenting challenges, ex-spouse conflicts, blended family issues, new parenting roles and rules, stepfamily financial issues and on and on and on.  It’s enough to make you and your partner’s head spin.

It’s true that ReMarriage and blended families can be challenging and complex, however, remarried couples who are willing to commit to the process of developing a strong remarital relationship and a healthy blended family unit, can and do build loving, peaceful and safe homes.

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ReMarriage does work!  Let us show you how to make it last forever.

ReMarriage Counseling can help you…

  • Learn how to deal with a difficult ex-spouse
  • Manage multiple home dilemmas
  • Deal with lingering woundedness, lack of trust and fears
  • Develop healthy co-parenting strategies
  • Define parenting roles and guiding principles
  • Recognize and address parental alienation
  • Manage blended family and remarital finances
  • Develop a relationship with adult stepchildren 




Don’t let the challenges of ReMarriage end the dream.

ReMarriage Counseling can help you start your journey to a safer, more peaceful and unified remarriage couplehood and blended family unit.

Healthy stepfamily units and strong, satisfying remarriage couplehoods are possible…let us show you how!

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