Spiritual Direction and Christian Counseling

Professional Counseling, Marriage Mentoring and Consultation from a Biblical Perspective

Traditional Psychotherapy

Traditionally, the therapeutic fields have steered away from any discussion of faith and/or spirituality. Issues pertaining to one’s spiritual condition were typically excluded from the therapeutic experience.

Today, however, the therapeutic community is much more aware and attune to the role one’s spiritual sense of self plays in mental, emotional, relational and behavioral well-being. As a result, the integration of spiritual matters into the therapeutic alliance has resulted in the expansion of the widely accepted biopsychosocial model.

This expanded biopsychosociospiritual model, is indicative of the therapeutic community’s move toward providing therapy that emphasizes the need for spiritually sensitive care.

As a provider of spiritually sensitive psychotherapy, CCCFRC is available to provide spiritual direction to those who wish to explore and expand their spiritual sense of self, others and the God of their understanding.

Spiritual Direction

Safe and Supportive

Clients who choose to embrace the biopsychosociospiritual model of therapy often find their therapeutic experience enriched by the process of identifying their individual and collective spiritual resources, struggles, and problems.

safe and supportive Because spiritually integrated psychotherapy, by its nature, encourages spiritual dialogue and collaborative assessment, clients are free to challenge, consider, develop and expand their concept of faith and spirituality in a safe and supportive environment.

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  Psalm 34:18

Biblical Perspective

Chrysalis Connections is grounded in a philosophy that seeks to help individuals, couples, families and organizations find harmony with themselves, others and God in the communities and larger systems where they live, play, worship and work. To that end, we provide Biblically based counseling, mediation and life coaching services to those who wish to explore and/or enhance their relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual well-being.

While we welcome and work with clients who embrace a variety of faith beliefs and backgrounds as well as those who do not identify a specific form of spirituality or faith, we are open about our reliance on Biblical principles for guidance and direction. To learn more about what we believe, please feel free to review our statement of faith.

PLEASE NOTE;  Chrysalis Connections, LLC is dedicated to serving all individuals, couples and families of all racial, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds and affiliations. The center is committed to providing culturally and spiritually sensitive counseling, coaching, conflict resolution and/or consulting services to all who request our services and endeavors to engage in mutually respectful and considerate discourses with all who are so inclined. Our goal is to help you find the counseling, coaching, conflict resolution, and/or consulting services that are best fitted for your particular situation and need. Should our services fall outside the range of assistances most fitting to your unique needs, we will be happy to provide a list of alternative service providers in an attempt to help you find the most appropriate and effective level of care possible.

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If you have been looking for a safe place to process your spiritual struggles, doubts, confusion and wounding… Chrysalis Connections is equipped and ready to meet you at your point of need.

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