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Teresa is a holistic psychotherapist, family systems coach, and marriage & family educator in private practice.  Her office is located just west of Indianapolis in the community of Plainfield, IN.  She is well-known for her love of relational wholeness and often uses this platform to speak about contemporary issues related to marriage, couplehood, family systems, substance and process addictions, spiritual direction, and Christian education and leadership.  As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), licensed addiction counselor (LAC) certified domestic mediator, and co-parenting coordinator, Teresa works with individuals, couples, marital partners and families to help them develop harmonious relationships with themselves, others and God, in the communities and larger systems where they live, play, worship, and work.

Life Happens in Relationship

Dr. Teresa M. Walters, DTM, LMFT, LAC

Holistic Psychotherapist, Family Systems Coach, and Marriage and Family Educator with a unique ability to speak candidly about some of life’s most difficult subjects.

Teresa M. Walters is an accomplished presenter with a passion for instilling hope and helping others find relational health, healing, and wholeness.

In her easy speaking style, Teresa offers support and guidance to those seeking relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual wholeness.

Her ability to connect with her audience in a genuine, compassionate and straight forward manner about some of life’s most difficult subjects, highlight her belief that a rich, rewarding, and relationally whole life is a real and obtainable goal.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Licensed Addiction Counselor with nearly 30 years of lived experience, Teresa routinely uses the platform of relational wholeness to publicly speak about a variety of issues including:

  • Parental Alienation
  • The Divorce Industry
  • PreMarital & ReMarriage Preparation
  • Alternatives to the BioMedical Model of Emotional and Mental Distress
  • The Non-Institutionalized Church
  • Blended Families
  • Shared Parenting
  • Relationship Health, Healing and Wholeness
  • Spirituality Development
  • Self Harm, Suicidality & Restored Hope
  • Family Systems and Family Leadership

Why does a therapist who specializes in relationships and familial systems choose to publicly speak about such powerful, stigmatized, and socially sensitive subjects?

Because… relationships are precisely where the difficult aspects of life happen.

Without exception, everything that happens in our lives is linked to either our relationship with Self, our relationship with Others or our relationship with God.

What better platform then…to address the challenging, frustrating and perplexing human behaviors and conditions that are birthed with the context of a relationship than one that lifts up and focuses on human interactions and the multiple systems to which we all belong?

Candid conversations about what matters most…to you.

Marital Dissolution, The Divorce Industry, Disordered Eating, Addiction, Suicidality, and Self-harming Behaviors, Parental Alienation, and Alternatives to the BioMedical Model of Emotional and Mental Distress…are not easy topics to talk about.

Quite simply, they are not the kind of topics event planners research if they are attempting to motivate or entertain an audience with a light-hearted and inspirational presentation.

They are, however, topics that deeply resonate with those who either struggle with one of these issues or are attempting to support, educate or otherwise alleviate the pain of a client or loved one who is struggling.

For event planners…microphone

who are interested in providing their audience with an honest, compassionate and skillfully delivered presentation, keynote or workshop, about some of life’s most difficult challenges, Teresa M. Walters is a perfect choice.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Certified Domestic Mediator, Family Systems Coach and Marriage & Family Educator with nearly 30 years of personal recovery and lived experience to draw from…Teresa is uniquely qualified to speak to the contemporary recovery issues of our day, educating those who are unfamiliar with her subject matter and validating those who have lived it.

Her ability to connect with both the peer and the professional assures that her presentations are solid, memorable, encouraging and relevant for anyone who desires a better understanding of how to support and facilitate relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual wholeness for one’s self or others.

Teresa M. Walters Speaker Teresa’s genuine, compassionate and straight forward speaking style…insures that her audience’s experience will be one that is collaborative, connected and hopeful.

In an atmosphere of mutuality and trust, Teresa provides direction, information, and encouragement not only to the person seeking recovery but also the family member, friend or treating professional who seeks to aid in the healing process.

Teresa Marie Walters Speaker Teacher

Welcome and thank you for your interest.

If you are planning an informational, educational or inspirational event for healthcare professionals, a congregation, a community or group, you will find a list of my most requested presentations and topics below.

Please note that most of the presentations below can be structured as a keynote address, breakout session, workshop and/or assembly event.

All of the training sessions and workshops listed below are customizable and tailored to meet the need of your organization, group or church. If you have a special request or need, please feel free to contact me directly at

317.760.0604 …or connect through the BookMe link below.

Thank you for your interest and remember:  There is Hope. Fundamental, Transformational, Internal, Paradigm Shifting Change, Healing, and New Life are Possible!

Give it to me Straight 

As a marriage and family therapist, I spend the majority of my time sitting with people who feel that their life is… less than what they may have hoped for. When relational issues, emotional instabilities, behavioral problems, and spiritual confusion become the dominant narratives of life people seem to instinctually know to reach out to a compassionate, listening ear for help, especially if the issue is difficult to talk about or they fear how others might react or respond.

Helping people find the amazing life they always thought was possible is one of the best parts of what I do. It is also one of the most exciting aspects of developing and presenting workshops, keynotes, and training that directly, honestly and compassionately help people have candid conversations about what matters most. 

Give it to me Straight…candid conversation about what matters most…to you.  

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Teresa Marie Walters Speaker Teacher
Teresa M. Walters, DTM

Candid conversations about what matters most…to you.


When I was doing my own therapeutic “work”, I quickly learned that there were certain subjects that were off-limits, subjects that people really didn’t want to talk about.  And wouldn’t you know it, the things I wanted and needed to talk about were precisely the things that were not up for discussion.  Now…on the other side of recovery, I take great pleasure in opening up space for people to talk about the subjects that matter to them.  No holds barred.  If it’s important to you… it is important to me.

So, give it to me straight. Open the conversation. Let’s talk about all of those uncomfortable scary and often taboo subjects that society considers socially unacceptable or inappropriate.  You see, I’ve learned that talking about these subjects takes away their power.  Bringing them out into the light sets you free to deal with, talk through, explore, resolve, heal and get on with life.

It is my belief and experience that it is possible to live a relationally, emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually rich and exciting life.  I also believe that relational and emotional pain and distresses are not illnesses to be treated or disorders from which to recover but rather trauma responses to be validated, shared, and relationally healed in a safe and supportive environment.

If you are willing to candidly and honestly have the conversations that need to be had about the subjects that need to be discussed, the path to health, happiness, and wholeness becomes a real and obtainable goal.

Experientially, personally, and professionally, I know that people find transformative, long-term health, wholeness and healing by honestly and openly talking about and embracing the realities of their life. When people full out – honestly, openly and willingly explore the issues and traumas of their lives, they subsequently find a new and transformative way of life.

Give it to me Straight means dealing with life on life’s terms. Nothing is off-limits.  It is all fair game. Instead of keeping our secrets, our fears, our shame in the darkness we boldly and freely hold them up to the Light and allow the Light to dispel the darkness.

In an atmosphere of compassion and acceptance, we speak the unspeakable, name the unnamable and face the fearful things that keep us shrouded in the darkness of isolation and hopelessness.  In the brilliance of the light, the struggle ends, hope is restored and we emerge into a new way of being with ourselves, with others and with our Creator.

Topics & Presentations

Happy, Healthy & Whole

Stress, busyness, expectations and social pressure are modern-day afflictions that have a direct impact on our ability to enjoy our everyday lives and relationships.

Happy, Healthy and Whole is an upbeat, encouraging presentation that outlines how relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual well-being is an obtainable and maintainable way of being with yourself, others and God. 

Keep Calm and Mediate On

A Primer in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Differentiation of Self for Conflict Resolution Professionals

Keep Calm and Meditate On is a two-hour workshop designed to help conflict resolution professionals understand the basic components of inter and intrapersonal relationships. Participants will be familiarized with the fundamental aspects of Bowen Theory while learning how to increase their ability to calmly and nonreactive guide the mediation process.

Living AS IF

Speaking Into Existence that Which is Yet Unseen.

Living AS IF is an encouraging and hopeful presentation that outlines how creating and developing a vision of your preferred future is the first step in making that which is yet unseen a reality. 

For the Love of a Brother suicidal t

A Personal Story of Faith, Healing, and Transformation

For the Love of a Brother is Teresa’s personal story of healing and restoration. In this presentation, Teresa shares the healing journey that brought her from a place of trauma and personal devastation to health, happiness, and transformational restoration and healing.    

A Harmless Conversation

A Community Conversation about Suicidality, Self-Injury, Recovery and Living a Harmless Life.

A Harmless Conversation is a dynamic presentation that explores the phenomena of Suicidality and Self-Injury and outlines an effective and proactive way to reduce, restructure, prevent and heal the emotional and mental pain that drives these experiences.  A Harmless Conversation is designed to encourage honest and compassionate dialogue about the modern-day epidemic of suicidality and self-injury.

When all Hope is Lost

A detailed look at the phenomena of suicide and the underlying issues that drive and maintain suicidal thinking.

When all Hope is Lost is a compassionate, and enlightening presentation that explores the phenomena of suicide and suicidality and outlines preventative measures for derailing the process of false hope, mental despair and the ultimate sacrifice of self.

In the Best Interest of the Child

In the Best Interest of the Child explores the impact of marital conflict, separation, dissolution, and remarriage on the relational, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-being of children. Practical guidelines for resolving conflict and establishing strong familial leadership is outlined. Significant attention will be directed at the contemporary issues of shared parenting, parental alienation, and co-parenting relationships.

Weighed in the Balance

A New Paradigm for Moving Beyond Disordered Eating Patterns and Finding Health and Healing.

Weighted in the Balance takes a deep look at the phenomena of disordered eating and outlines specific guidelines for moving beyond the mental disorder model to health and healing.  

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is a two-hour presentation that explored the dynamic of domestic violence and the intergenerational patterns that keep couples and families locked in destructive patterns of abuse and violence.  Attention will be directed at outlining effective ways of reducing conflict, managing emotional reactivity, setting healthy boundaries, and the importance of personal growth and familial leadership.

Cut to the Chase

Cut to the Chase is a compassionate, realistic presentation about the phenomena of self-injury.  In this presentation, Teresa reveals the factors that support and maintain this misunderstood, sensationalized and stigmatized behavior and offers suggestions for long-term recovery and healing.    

When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks explores the process of marital conflict, dissolution and family restructuring. This encouraging and reality-based presentation will provide guidelines for reducing marital conflict, increasing communication and intimacy, building family leadership and creating a healthy familial structure.  

A New Way of Thinking

A New Way of Thinking, That Becomes a New Way of Being is a primer on Family Systems and Family Leadership.  

In this family-friendly presentation, audience members will learn how the best path for building a happy and happy family is the development of each family member’s emotional, mental and spiritual health and leadership capabilities.  

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