A Word from Teresa

Co-founder, Clinical Director
Teresa M Walters

Teresa M. Walters

This page used to begin with a list of my credentials, degrees, affiliations and certifications…and was designed to demonstrate the level of training and experience I have acquired over the course of my academic and clinical career.

And while that information is still relevant and continues to be listed else where on the web site, I recently realized that if I were a perspective client trying to decide whether or not I wanted to work with a specific therapist, I might be interested in getting to know the person behind the credentials.

So my brilliant idea was to recreate my “a word from Teresa” page to actually tell you a little bit about who I am as a person and therapist in addition to demonstrating that I have the requisite knowledge and training to work with people who desire relational, emotional, behavioral and spiritual wholeness.

You see, I work as a therapist because I personally know that therapy works and I firmly believe that it is difficult to take someone to a place you’ve never been.  With over 30 years of personal recovery, I know how difficult it can be to begin the journey to wholeness. But I also know the benefits and joys of doing the work.

It is possible to live life as a happy, healthy and whole individual, regardless of where you started or how difficult your life has been.

If you don’t remember anything else about what you read on this page, please remember this one fundamental element that drives everything I do, and everything I believe in…  There is Hope. Happiness, Health and Wholeness is Possible.

No matter how far down the ladder you think you have fallen, real, transformative, restorative and life affirming change is possible for you!

As the web site demonstrates, I have a special affinity for people who are struggling with relational issues.  Which means I also have an affinity for people who are struggling with emotional disconnection, loss, grief, traumatic memories, addictions, disordered eating, self injury, suicidality, infidelity, conflict and stress because relationships are precisely the context within which all of life happens.

I love working with clients with these struggles because I have been there and I know there is life on the other side of these types of issues. I can’t promise that the pathway up and out will be easy but I can promise that it will be so worth it.

As your therapist, my job is to come alongside and help you discover your unique road to recovery. It takes commitment and honesty but if you are tired of being unhappy, discouraged, disconnected and are ready to actively pursue the changes you desire, it will be my joy (and my privilege) to walk the road to happiness, health and wholeness with you.

Therapy sessionThose who work with me will tell you I am not a nod, smile, “how does that make you feel” type of therapist nor am I prone to offer you a quick-fix, Band-Aid type of therapy.

In fact, I may, from time to time, even call you on your stuff… in a loving, therapisty kind of way.

I believe therapy to be a collaborative effort and as such I will actively work with you to achieve your desired outcome and results. Once we have become acquainted and spent some time exploring your familial background and life experiences, we will jointly put together a plan, roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Sometimes we will laugh and sometimes we will shed tears but ultimately we will talk about what you need to talk about, no matter what the subject.

Shocked eyes I tend to be fairly un-shockable, so please don’t be afraid to bring what ever you need to discuss into the therapy room.

Therapeutically, I am oriented in Bowen family systems (intergenerational) theory and as such I tend to interact with clients much as a coach would, eliciting and supporting your emergence into a new way of being with yourself, with others and with the God of your understanding.

Lets get started!

If you have reached a place in your life where you are tired of the struggle and are ready to move into a more authentic, real and satisfying life, lets get started!

I’m excited to hear your story and join you on your journey to relational, emotional, behavior and spiritual wholeness.

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